Twilight in the Garden is Bartram’s Garden annual gala event. This year, they recognized the healing effects of our natural world and celebrating three incredible proponents of public green spaces:


Terrence was honored for his support and advocacy of green spaces at Bartram’s Garden.

Terrence L. Gore is an artist, interior designer, dancer, curator, gourmet chef, caterer, and fashion stylist. When diagnosed with HIV in 2006, Terrence was hospitalized with Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML) which left him paralyzed on the right side of his body and temporarily blinded in the right eye. Instead of allowing his diagnosis to impact his spirit, Terrence used it to transform himself through exploration and expression of fine art. Now he offers “The Art of Healing” workshop to use his healing crisis as a platform to educate others about the restorative power of art therapy.

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The Art of Healing Workshop

Terrence offers The Art of Healing Workshop to groups of any size, providing a safe space for anyone living with a disability or a special need to enjoy themselves and identify themselves as artists. The workshop is designed to help people feel creative and to understand that they can love themselves unconditionally. It incorporates interactive art creation, dance, music, and nutrition education to help participants explore their creative expression and self-identity.


Support Terrence’s Work



Terrence has helped so many people in his Art of Healing workshops. Through his art, he can transport you to places you can’t even imagine. We are incredibly grateful to you for any support you can provide. Your donations are vital to helping Terrence host much needed workshops and to create beautiful art. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please contact Terrence directly by clicking here. 



Testimonials from The Art of Healing Workshop

This was a new experience for me. It is relaxing and it helped to clear my head.
Vincent Williams


I most enjoyed everything! We are doing all the things I love to do.
Asake Denise Jones


The workshop was more than I expected. It left me speechless and in awe.
Latisha Webb


The workshop is opening me up to explore more.
Jeffrey Ford


The workshop is mind-blowing. I’ve tapped a whole new level of creativity.
Bill Webb


The workshop filled a creative void. It was structured, yet room for creativity and freedom.
Gabby Raczka



Woodmere Museum’s Annual 76th Juried Exhibition

Another Stroke of Genius


Grid Magazine, 2021

Doctors gave this HIV+ West Philadelphia man a month to live. 15 years later, he leads creative, therapeutic workshops


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