Woodmere Museum’s Annual 76th Juried Exhibition

Terrence’s piece “Creating Beyond Limitations,” a tribute to artist Horace Pippin won first prize. The piece was a 3-D mixed media creation with earth consciousness in mind. It was made with various materials, including avocados (sanitized, preserved, and sculpted into human features), Indian bean pod shells, papyrus paper, leather prayer socks, a coconut husk, satin fabric, subway paint, and Gore’s recycled garments.

“The Stroke of Genius”

Terrence received praise for his first art show called; “The Stroke of Genius,” which was presented in collaboration with radio station WURD, in 2009. “Creating is another form of my healing, it regenerates me and transforms my enthusiasm to higher heights! This collection of works explores the diversity of my gifts as it interprets the story of my new developments and the multidimensional experiences of my realities and fantasies.”

“Another Stroke of Genius”

This second solo exhibition was presented by the nonprofit Art From The Heart in 2012 on South Street. Reflecting on his success, Gore states, “I want to continue to have my art known and appreciated, to make a difference as a disabled artist; to share my journey and help others heal while I am alive, rather than being celebrated when I am no longer here. I give credit to my medical practitioners, combined with my personal approach and staying on top of my healthy holistic transformation.”


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